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Remote DBA Oracle

F-O-O-D ha studi tecnici come Remote DBA Oracle:

– Remote DBA Oracle 8i : webDB, outline, DBMS_REPAIR, logMiner, DROP column, LMT, TRIM function, MERGE partitions, HASH and COMPOSITE partitions
– Remote DBA Oracle 9i : fast-start time-based recovery limit, Flashback Query, Resumable Space Allocation, Trial Recovery, Data Guard, online index rebuild,  Online table redefinitions,SPFILE, External Tables, ASSM, Oracle RAC, OMF
– Remote DBA Oracle 10g : Data Pump, AWR, ASH, ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, Oracle scheduler, Segment Shrink, Segment Advisor, BFT, Flash Recovery Area
– Remote DBA Oracle 11g : DNFS, Online Patching, ASM Fast Mirror Resync, md_backup, md_restore, AWR baseline template, File Watcher, AMM, INCREMENTAL and PENDING statistics, Interval Partitioning
– Remote DBA Database Oracle 12c : multitenant Container DataBase, CDB, PDB, ADO, Heat MAp, PGA Size Limit, DBMS_QOPATCH, Automatic Big Table Caching, In- Memory (IM) Column Store

Consulenza database Oracle:

– performance tuning : miglioramenti delle performance del database Oracle, elasticità:futura riduzione del rischio di basse performance,
scalabilità verticale o scalabilità orizzontale per progetti big data con database Oracle
– analisi database e design database
– backup DBA
– sicurezza del database Oracle : analisi delle vulnerabilità, conformità dei report di auditing
– monitoring database Oracle

Oracle Features Implementation:

– ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
– RMAN (Recovery Manager)
– TDE (Transparent Data Encryption)
– SPM (Sql Plan Management)
– Online Redefinition
– Partitioning
– Compression
– Resource Manager
– Flashback
– Streams
– Real Application Testing
– Gateway
– Advanced Security
– Secure Backup


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